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Do-It-Yourself Website Makers Just Don’t Cut It

JYZ Design logo branding graphic web print calgary

Have you been blasted with one of those online website builder site ads? Squarespace, WIX, etc. They propose professional looking websites that anyone can create with no coding or design experience. This is great for small blogs, personal portfolios and a coming soon page. But for a reall small business that wants real customer traffic and room to grow? It just doesn’t cut it. If you’re expecting customers and clients to be willing to pay you for products and services, investing in a professional website means investing in yourself.

  1. You’ll be paying a forever monthly fee, which will end up being a lot more than a one time developement/design
  2. “Professional” looking design means clean, empty and void of customization
  3. Most of your customers will be able to tell that your website is not professional, which makes you lack credibility. And first impressions are everything.
  4. There is very limited functionality should you want to streamline your business with web apps
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO) is limtied to what the website builder provides by default, those created with Flash are not reccomended by Google
  6. You won’t really own your domain. The website builder will, which can cause problems with transferring in the future.
  7. The user experience (UX) design is limited to your personal skills rather a professional
  8. Without professionally customized graphics and copywriting, your website will LOOK like a template. Your BRAND will not be extended onto your digital presence, which makes your company forgettable.
  9. Analytics functionality is limited, whereas our websites enable a dynamic daily look at how your website traffic is doing
  10. Responsive issues — mobile traffic is just as important as desktop nowadays, so your website needs to be 100% as functional on as many devices as possible
  11. You will be supporting a corporation rather than a local small business or agency, who are really the ones who care. 24/7 support means you are just a blimp in a call center. Work with real designers, developers, writers and marketers.

Getting a real website brings your business to the next level, granting it a level of professionalism that your customers will be looking for when you Google you. We listen to your story and craft together completely custom graphics, writing and consultation for web apps to streamline how you make money.

How We are Different from Freelancers and Large Agencies

JYZ Design logo branding graphic web print calgary

If I didn’t geniunely think we had value to bring to small business owners and that we were a better option over a lot of the competition, I wouldn’t be doing this — it’s that simple. Here are some standout factors I think set us apart.

Freelancers vs. Agencies

I started JYZ Design officially after freelancing and contracting for a marketing agency because I really saw a gap between what entreperneurs had to choose from.

If you needed an affordable job, you had to risk trustworthiness and professionalism to meet some guy in a coffee shop for cheap. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from my clients — most of these people aren’t even designers, they just figured out how to use the very simple modern tools available to set things up. If you wanted quality, you had to talk through a president, a project manager, never the real person that would be creating your work never mind the huge budget required.

Like most entreperneurs before starting a business, I just knew there had to be a better way.

Not Every Designer/Developer is an Artist 

We hear everyday about new ways to create graphics and websites from pre-existing templates, nothing past a drag and drop. This makes a lot of people think they are experts and professional designers because they are able to set up a website. The reality is, not a lot of these people have any inclination towards a value on visual attractiveness. This often shocks me, that they can still charge clients hundreds of dollars for something that took them no thought and a few minutes to complete. I’ve had clients come to me with amateur “designs” and were forced to provide payments before being 100% satisfied with their designs.

From elementary, I’ve taken art classes and been formally trained in color theory, composition and various mediums. I took high level International Baccalaureate fine art in high school, then received a BA minor in Visual Arts from the University of Calgary. This included courses such as: Media Arts: Practice and Theory, Video Art, Introduction to Photography, Programming for Artists, 2D Digital Imaging and Electronic Media. In addition, I’ve been self-taught in Adobe Creative Suite since I was 11, professionally used it for over 7 years.

The truth is, anyone can set up a website, but it’s not worth the trouble of picking the cheapest option. This is how your website and company will be represented to your potential customers. I truly believe an investment in great branding and digital presence in an investment in yourself and your business. I work with passionate business owners that believe their work deserves the best visual representation.

We Tell Your Business’ Story

As we’ve found out, every business has a story. Whether your idea originated out of your own difficulties, expertise or some other inspiration, there’s a reason why you’ve taken the harder (but much more rewarding) path of being your own boss. We want to hear it and reflect your mission, your target audience and your brand in your visual communications.

Our team includes Rob, the head copywriter, who does everything from transforming your notes to writing from scratch. We turn your information into easily consumable, beautiful copy to make sure your customers really understand what you do, why they should choose you and your professionalism.

Every element, every line of text is created with marketability in mind. What will be the easiest for someone just skimming a website to see? Does each element on a poster follow a consistent theme? What is the call to action/goal for each advertisement?


There isn’t any great way to communicate to you our passion, dedication and skill in what we do until you see for yourself. When you truly love what you do, you want to finish it quickly, you’re excited for the finished product and you want to see your clients do well. We’re excited to chat with you as well!


JYZ Design logo branding graphic web print calgary yycgirlgang

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Judy is the girl boss behind JYZ Design. After following her photoshop passion, Judy is making waves in the design industry – and we say design because this lady can do it all: logos, branding, websites, business cards, print materials, copy writing, social media.. you get the jist. Take a look!
What do you make / sell? Tell us about yo’ self.

We live and breathe marketable designs. JYZ Design operates as your contract art director. We are a small full service creative agency, providing hands-on work specialized for your business’ target audience. We integrate brand strategy into our projects through visual and written communications to maximize business potential. I have both helped build startups from initiation (copywriting, logo, branding) and also simply created material for established brands by modernizing their visuals.

As Art Director, I work closely with a creative director/copywriter to create marketable projects that exemplify the professionalism of the companies we create for. The range of services I provide include logos, branding, websites , print materials (business cards, business brochures, posters, advertisements, menus, display boards, packaging), copywriting and social media.

How long have you had your business?
~1 Year


How did you get started?

Design is something I’ve loved and knew I wanted to do ever since I first downloaded Photoshop. It began as some freelancing work for friends of friends here and there during school but slowly progressed into something profitable and more importantly, something I really loved doing. As I graduated from the U of C and experienced a corporate job — I realized this could not possibly be the only path available and a cubicle was definitely not the life I wanted. So I quit my job, rented an office and dived into my business full time, receiving agency training and steadily growing my client base. I’ve received a lot of affirmation from winning the Fair Trade Calgary citywide logo design contest earlier this year based on votes from the community.

Who or what inspires your work?

I think what inspires me is my genuine love of art. Some of my favourite contemporary artists include Hueman, Soeymilk and classical artists definitely Monet, Picasso. I constantly stare at beautiful artwork, paintings and graphic designs to try to find aspects of the colours, the shapes… the way the photos intersect with the typography — what parts of it work and what don’t. I store these visualizations into my head and try to embody them in my work.

What do you dream for your business in the future?

JYZ fills the gap between individual freelancers and large agencies in a way I think small businesses need. My dream isn’t to become rich or work with multinational companies, it’s to continue to provide high quality work for other budding entrepreneurs in ways I can be proud of. This includes being able to choose the companies I work with, including those with great causes and non-profits. I currently work with Fair Trade Calgary on their marketing and create all their graphics and would love opportunities to expand my work with great causes.


What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

Probably Instagram, as it’s so visual, a constant stream of inspiration.

How do you pick yourself up when things go wrong?

I wish I had a profound answer for this, but I love and care so much for my business that it often leaves me an emotional wreck when something goes wrong. Honestly I think talking to your loved ones is the only way to pick yourself up, a good team and support system.

What’s one thing no one knows about you? Give us an interesting fact!

I’m a hippie at heart! Part of me wants to live in a van, preaching peace and love while painting on beaches!

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Teleport anywhere in the world — experience different cultures, gather inspiration and take moments to relax.

What are your social media handles? Please include links.

Facebook: JYZ Design
Google plus:
Linked in:
Instagram: @jyz_design

Where can we find your stuff?

How do logos work?

JYZ Design logo branding graphic web print calgary logos

Logos are one our most popular projects with small businesses. It is the corner stone of a great business and we provide you all the resources you need to grow and build a brand! Most potential clients want to know initially how our logo process works and we think this collaborative process can usually result in something unique, strategic and inclusive of the entrepreneur’s contribution! We can give you your own unique logo design in minutes using our logo maker.

First and foremost, we offer clients a brand package as well as a process.

  1. We go into an in depth discusson about your business, find out who your target audience is and what you want to portray to your market. This is where you show us as many logos as you can that you like, tell us what colors you want and we will advise from a design standpoint. We do all kinds of logos — from startup to vintage, from simplistic to illustrative… no matter what, we want you to stand out and stay memorable.
  2. It’s time for research! We check out your competition and your industry throughly to make sure we make you stand out the best we can.
  3. After a day or two (yep, we’re super fast!), you’ll get to see the first 3 logo drafts. Then you let us know your thoughts! Do you like the image? Hate the font? Want to see different colors? Whatever it is, let us know and we will focus on one or several of the drafts going forward.
  4. Afterwards, we go through up to 3 rounds of revisions. We tweak, we edit as needed so your logo is exactly as you envisioned. Usually, this is enough to get on the same page!
  5. After we create that perfect brand, we’ll prepare your final logo files, a branding sheet and fonts. Usually this includes the icon on it’s own, a horizontal version, a vertical/square version, one-colored versions… whatever you think you need! This will come in a variety of file types. The branding sheet will have all the logo versions, color codes and fonts — everything you need to stay consistent in all your business materials!

Please get in touch if you have any questions!


The Successes and Failures of Entrepreneurism

Screen Shot 2016 08 31 at 2.52.22 AM e1472633606176

After speaking to and working with business owners on a daily basis, I value the spirit of entrepreneurism more and more and I feel so inspired everyday. But I’ve learned with each interaction also, and these are some very general lessons I’ve absorbed and embody in my daily business operations…

I’ve observed it takes a certain set of ethics, humility and genuine love for what you do. A lot of people start their own companies for the wrong reason – generally to become rich, famous and eventually, lazy.

On ethics, the most important business practice is to sustain a general trust of those you work with, with maybe a small dash of self-protection. But basically, treating those that work for you the same respect you want from your own clients. In a culture we’ve cumulatively built known for excellence in business practices and a general generosity, adhering to it rids the risk of bumps along the road.

Humility is a big one because it’s so easy to become overly inflated when you put yourself in charge and often get to instruct others. Having ambition and big dreams is one thing, but dictating your superiority is another. It’s important to know your own strengths and weaknesses well, have confidence but never become egotistical and to walk before you run. The companies I’ve worked with who have steadily grown and found success are the ones with firm strategies, took tactical progress and went one step at a time.

The most important is passion for what you do. Because without it means there’s no heartfelt drive to do what it takes to succeed, excel and continually learn. Passion is what keeps me working into the wee hours of the night, applying to all possible leads and constantly updating my own brand to reflect all the new things I absorb on a daily basis.

Being Genuine: Modern Strategic Marketing

Screen Shot 2016 08 31 at 2.44.31 AM e1472633247980

If we take a look at the most rampant marketing strategies and success in the age of social media, it is unlike anything the industry has experienced prior. Youtube product reviews, blogging… Even grassroots style politicians. What do they all have in common? They’re successful because they’re trustworthy, because they come from real voices, not the communication department of some intangible entity.

This is a new discipline in that the scope of online marketing communications has changed drastically in the last decade or so. There is an abundance of competition from the exploding amount of websites emerging, all with specific goals they aim to accomplish. The lessened barriers to being an active contributor to the internet has flooded it with shapers of content. This increases the number of corporate as well as personal narratives and has correspondingly increased the amount of skepticism towards testimonials and advertising.

Thus, blogging has surfaced as a being highly successful, as their authenticity is generally more accepted, coming from a real person that audiences can relate to. The idea of narratives being an effective aspect of marketing and advertising has been thoroughly explored absent from the internet also. Value is manufactured from how a good or service is portrayed, and the job of strategic communicators is to mold that perception through storytelling.

Let’s take an idea from academia – Peter Elbow says:

If you can get a reader to take your point of view for just that one conditional moment – to inflate your words with his breath – then future events will occasionally remind him of the experience.”

He calls this “tricky persuasion”, which entails understanding that people have a stake in what you’re saying (their money, vote, etc.), avoiding antagonizing hard sells and getting people to understand your perspective rather than changing theirs.

In practice, how is this done you may ask? By focus on voice. Being personable by writing autobiographically, being informative/factual rather than blatantly persuasive and showing irrefutable evidence.

We embody these ideas in all the projects we produce. In design, this means never using large flashy banners or boring sales pitch material. We produce projects that are unique and build the company’s professional persona while formulating the content to be relatable, easy to digest and informative.

After choosing to do what I love, it’s still not overrated

Screen Shot 2016 08 31 at 2.59.21 AM e1472634082344

Four months ago, after graduating from University, I started pouring my all into my design company. I secured contracts with a multitude of small companies and built my portfolio gradually on a roughly built website. Two months ago, I started working with marketing firms and quit my corporate part time job at RBC Capital Markets to take my business full time. One month ago, I released my professional website. I’m in no means successful, I’m not even close. But I’m so happy in my work. And I thought I’d share a taste of what that’s like.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I was always a rebel. I hate the ordinary, the mundane and boredom. But I had big dreams, a lot of hope and love within me that I’d find my way in the world somehow.

Is money the objective? The indicator of success? All I’ve ever wanted was enough to get by and travel anywhere on a whim. But my second month in operation, I made more than I had in two years at my corporate part time job. The day I quit was that freedom I had always craved and I felt so alive.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” — Mark Twain

I believe that everyone has their skills that differentiates them from the pack. But it takes an unique courage, willpower and hustle to take it to a worthwhile level. I’ve collected ounces of wisdom here and there from conversations with my multitude and large range of clients, many of whom have been extremely generous in providing their expertise and have contributed significantly to me becoming more confident in business practices.

Some days I don’t think I can do it, because there will always be difficult, unethical and untrustworthy clients. The worst is when they make you feel so small, underestimating you because of your age, your gender, whatever it is. The boss of a large firm I worked with told me something simple but extremely profound to my business practice development — just say no. It seems like common sense, but reaching the point where you have the power to choose who provides your pay check… is empowering. Another client who was an experienced business consultant also told me, rise yourself above — exemplify legitimacy, prove trustworthiness with your work and it will speak for itself.

The thing I’ve learned about client acquisition is that it’s always going to be easier to work with someone who’s looking for you. As in, unwanted hard sells, networking and mass advertising… will never be as effective as someone who requires your services and sees value in your work. The best of opportunities I’ve acquired, I’ve applied to people searching or they’ve responded to my ad.

Stability? I don’t know the meaning of the word. I have no accurate idea of what I could be making the next month. I get up at 11 AM some mornings and have three consecutive meetings the next. I work eight hours one day and not at all for three days. I love it. The unpredictability makes every new opportunity that much more exciting and fulfilling.

But at the end of the day, every penny I earned is a product of hustle and honest passion. My clients are often impressed with my speed of delivery, but the answer to this is simple — I love the work, so I’m excited for the majority of my projects. Passion is powerful. I honestly just can’t wait to sit back down at my desk and actualize all the ideas popping into my head.
Find what you love. Have the courage to do it. Trust me, it’s so worth it!

What is success and how do I get there?

o PAPER AIRPLANE facebook e1472632414987

A lot of us are soon to be thrust out into the ‘real world’, whatever that means. And the common mood is “I’m not ready!”, with the pressures of freedom looming on the horizon. We can achieve more today than every possible with disruptive innovations dynamically and constantly altering everything – we have the momentum, as generation Y, to be ‘successful’. But why does that feel more like a burden than a golden opportunity? Well, what is success?

Is it to earn titles by climbing to the top of the corporate ladder? Is it to get global recognition and fame? Is it measured by the amount of zeros in your bank account? No, success cannot be such a simple thing. Because if it was, what minuscule percentage of people would actually be successful? And what are the rest of us here for? To bow at their feet and slowly rot away, humoring ourselves on delusions of meaning?

The connotations behind the word, as described above, are very quantitative and seen as something that can be summed into concrete definitions. When in fact, my argument is that it is extremely subjective and personal to the individual. One person can be completely satisfied and happy accomplishing the establishment of a family, having people around that love them. But for those of us who need greater meaning in life, who hunger for that abstract idea of ‘more’, the dreamers who never stop taking life to its fullest potentials… unsatisfied with mundanely pass through societal institutions (student, university student, office worker, wife, mother) and rot away, it’s simply not enough. Everyone wants to stand out, be unique, and perhaps in this way, we are all the same.

People do have varying degrees of ambitions, but another factor is the skills and courage to execute. To not only think, “Hm, I hope I’m successful…” but to realize your special skill – set and open yourself up to every possible learning opportunity by actively pursuing it full speed, is necessary in feeling that fulfillment you crave. As with anything, to take full advantage of everything you have (especially the infinite opportunities available to Western society) at the present moment – to realize what that is and go after it constantly is being success oriented. Taking those loans to get that degree, applying to jobs way above your pay grade, flying off to culturally different lands, entering prestigious contests, meeting people who provide new perspectives, posting accomplishments on the internet, starting that new business, aiding a charitable cause… Do it all. Why are you hesitating? Most of the associated risks are only that you are putting yourself out there with the possibility of disappointment. So don’t expect anything. Just try, try, and try again. Then make yourself better. And then try once more. Absorb the world – the varying differences in opinions, knowledge, and skill – then make it your own. With freedom, comes so many possibilities, and why would you take that for granted?

Often, many get caught up in necessity – they do what they feel they have to, not what they truly want to. Those who wear ‘golden handcuffs’ are restricted by very real world responsibilities to pay bills and provide food to their families. If you are happy doing this, carry on, your meaning in life could very well lie in your satisfaction providing for loved ones… and that’s plenty. If you’re not, take it as a learning experience, learn what you’re not cut out for and slowly plan your escape. No one is sitting on a moral high ground or better than someone just because they are lucky enough to do something they love. But it is important to always be doing something that is purposeful to YOU. Be a waitress, save money to one day go to University. Do that corporate 9-5, but continue painting and posting your artwork to potential audiences and curators online. Take care of your children at home, but scout job postings, refine your resume and scheme your return to focusing on your career. I truly want to believe that anyone, in our modern society, can do it if they want to.

Personally? One day, I want my opinions to be heard and respected. I want my creativity to bring about self-fulfillment. I want to earn enough money to see the world. I want to help my family accomplish their dreams. I want to love the people in my life with everything I have.

To sum it up – success is realizing the opportunities and what you are, then taking it to its fullest potential at any point in time and then always continually to do so in a manner that is meaningful to YOU.