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Average Calgary Web Design Prices

If you’re launching a new business, rebranding or updating your website, you may be seriously considering hiring a website design agency. Of course, with this consideration comes the internal debate of whether or not the investment is worth the payoff. 

You can take a few different routes when building a website; using a website builder or hiring a professional Calgary website design agency. While website builders can be effective for very small, blooming businesses, informational directories, blogs, and initial project start-ups, in order to compete properly in your industry, you need a high-quality, fast and personalized website that can stand the test of time. 

If you’re already here, chances are you’ve looked at how the cost of a website is calculated to see the dynamic of marketing, design and copywriting powers that go into creating an optimal website and you’re interested in getting a quote

What are Calgary’s Average Website Prices?  

The pricing for websites retains a standard range per the professionalism, experience and artistry that goes into creating them. The prices for websites are divided according to website type, including a:

  • Budget landing page 
  • Small business website 
  • Corporate website
  • Software/web application 
  • eCommerce website

The Average Price for a Budget Landing Page 

Having a website with a simple list of requirements does not mean you should resort to website builders if you can afford to invest in a professional website. A budget landing page provides a clean, modern, functional and opportune technology to leverage your local online presence and use as a platform to channel social media and digital marketing. 

A budget landing page includes the essentials like a home page, contact form and information. It is a great way to start building revenue and recognition. Within three weeks, you’ll be on your way to establishing your business without breaking the bank. Keep in mind, your expectations for a good ranking can’t be too high as Google doesn’t crawl websites without well-rounded sitemaps. 

The Average Price for a Small Business Website 

Small business websites range from $3,200-$5,500 per website. Small businesses encapsulate start-ups, local businesses and the self-employed. 

The exact cost to build your website depends on its functionality. If you have multiple types of products, your website will be on the higher end of the spectrum, as you will need more pages.

It is important to remember that within this cost, you are not just paying for a website, but for a domain name, hosting, content management system, custom page design, search engine optimized copywriting and the peace of mind that your website will be up and running within 3-8 weeks with a smooth launch. 

A small business website will make sense if your business requires 5-6 pages that contain a homepage, about page, portfolio/gallery, services, FAQ, contact and blog. 

The Average Price for a Corporate Website 

The average Calgary web design price for a corporate website ranges from $5,500-$15,000. However, the budget of a larger corporation, depending on its needs, can also see numbers for a website reach past $15,000 and up towards $25,000. Corporate websites maintain the functionality, quality and reliability of the small business websites on a larger scale, more networked scale. 

Larger website projects typically require a Request for Proposal with detailed information on the scope. This can vary greatly, depending on the number of pages and whether or not any technology is required. Most companies with the capacity to complete projects like this will require a detailed consultation before giving a concrete quote.

A corporate website’s scope usually includes at least 20 pages to account for all of its products/services, information about the company, information for/about shareholders, contact information, news releases, membership functionalities and resource databases. 

The corporate website receives customization according to its services to showcase its competitive edge in a dynamic collaboration of effects, coding, content and design. On average, a corporate website takes at least six weeks to plan, execute, evaluate, edit and launch. 

The website structure accounts for a large chunk of the average price for a corporate website, with the cost for a secure website certificate, ongoing maintenance, domain registration, content, potential gateways, livechat, and features filling in the rest. 

The Average Price for Software/Web Application 

With web applications, the read-only format of a website evolves to be able to change according to the requests of the customer. Web applications consist of interactive features that allow users to engage with the business or organization.

The average Calgary web design price for web application starts at around $7,000. The cost includes the functionalities that consist of getting a standard website up and running, such as domain hosting, secure website certificate, search engine optimization, content writing and custom design, with the additional software components that add interactivity. The costs for different plug-ins are thus included. 

Our Calgary website designers highly recommend those who are interested in web application to seek out professional agencies. Web application does not just represent the business, but becomes a part of the business – and it is crucial that it exceeds modern standards and works without a hitch. 

Developing custom applications requires a specialized company familiar with UX design and the latest programming languages. Some examples of common software based web development projects include: 

  • Marketplace: $10,000+
  • Recurring subscription: $5,000+
  • Restricted content membership: $7,000+
  • Product customization (eCommerce): $8,000+
  • Event ticket sales: $7,000+
  • Search engine (real estate/travel): $8,000+
  • Questionnaire/Custom form: $5,000+ 

The Average Calgary eCommerce Website Price 

ECommerce is paving the way for website design. When you optimize your website for eCommerce, you open your business up to a powerful stream of revenue and potential leads. The eCommerce website remains static except for its shopping functionality. 

The design of an eCommerce website more intricately involves expertise in UX design to align product photos, product descriptions and product captions with their functionality across different browser types and sizes. From product details optimized for Google shopping to shipping setup and email marketing integrations, there’s a lot of detail that goes into a successful online shop. 

Similar to the pages of a website for small-corporate businesses, the number of products that make up the eCommerce portion of your website will determine the price of your website. As such, the average Calgary web design price for an eCommerce website ranges from $5,000-$11,000 for an agency. 

Depending on the number of products your business will list, the pricing follows the following format: 

  • 10 products: $5,000 
  • 20 products: $8,000 
  • 30 products: $11,000 

Choosing a Web Design Agency

Now that you know the price of a Calgary website, you can start researching website design agencies whose scope meet this target, as we intend to do. When searching for the right website design agency to create your website, price is important, but it should not be the leading factor of your decision to choose the agency that you do. 

Take a look through the portfolios of your top candidates, agencies all have a distinct approach, and therefore style, to the websites that they create. Some agencies may specialize in tech-focused, software websites, while other agencies may have strengths in travel and tourism.

Make sure to check if the websites designed all look the same, or if the websites are expertly customized. The marking of an excellent website design agency notes the similarities of the sites through their quality and creativity, not duplication, when pieced together into a portfolio. 

You want to browse through the agency’s entire website. Do they do social media marketing? Digital marketing? The more diverse the services of the agency, the better they will be able to create your website to act as a platform for digital advertisements and as an anchor to social media. 

Additionally, you want to survey the design and copywriting of the website agency’s website. The attention to detail and level of innovation will tell you how attuned they are to the current market, new trends and how much quality of care they put into websites. 

Check out the team section of the website. One of the best things about hiring a Calgary website design agency is the vast knowledge the agency draws from their team in their areas of expertise. The team should consist of copywriters, website/graphic designers, project managers and web developers. If the team does not consist of these core people, you may be missing out on your advantage via agency. 

Ultimately, the proof is in the consultation. Most website design agencies will offer a free consultation for you to meet with a leader and talk about your goals, ideas and how they syndicate with the expertise of the agency. 

Remember, the agency you choose will be your partner for at least a few weeks. Their vision, values and passion are just as vital as their experience. 

Pricing for Calgary Websites 

Although these average prices represent our most up-to-date scope of the web environment, website prices in Calgary can and will still vary. Knowing how much your website should cost you will help you plan your goals to take with you to your consultation meeting. 

If you’re still on the fence about considering whether or not to go with a professional Calgary web design company, consider: 

  1. The longevity you hope for your business
  2. The competition in your industry
  3. Whether or not profits are directly affected by your website 

You can also use tools to get a better quote, just by answering some questions on our free website quote calculator. Or feel free to get in touch with our website design agency if you have any questions.