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How We are Different from Freelancers and Large Agencies

If I didn’t geniunely think we had value to bring to small business owners and that we were a better option over a lot of the competition, I wouldn’t be doing this — it’s that simple. Here are some standout factors I think set us apart.

Freelancers vs. Agencies

I started JYZ Design officially after freelancing and contracting for a marketing agency because I really saw a gap between what entreperneurs had to choose from.

If you needed an affordable job, you had to risk trustworthiness and professionalism to meet some guy in a coffee shop for cheap. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from my clients — most of these people aren’t even designers, they just figured out how to use the very simple modern tools available to set things up. If you wanted quality, you had to talk through a president, a project manager, never the real person that would be creating your work never mind the huge budget required.

Like most entreperneurs before starting a business, I just knew there had to be a better way.

Not Every Designer/Developer is an Artist 

We hear everyday about new ways to create graphics and websites from pre-existing templates, nothing past a drag and drop. This makes a lot of people think they are experts and professional designers because they are able to set up a website. The reality is, not a lot of these people have any inclination towards a value on visual attractiveness. This often shocks me, that they can still charge clients hundreds of dollars for something that took them no thought and a few minutes to complete. I’ve had clients come to me with amateur “designs” and were forced to provide payments before being 100% satisfied with their designs.

From elementary, I’ve taken art classes and been formally trained in color theory, composition and various mediums. I took high level International Baccalaureate fine art in high school, then received a BA minor in Visual Arts from the University of Calgary. This included courses such as: Media Arts: Practice and Theory, Video Art, Introduction to Photography, Programming for Artists, 2D Digital Imaging and Electronic Media. In addition, I’ve been self-taught in Adobe Creative Suite since I was 11, professionally used it for over 7 years.

The truth is, anyone can set up a website, but it’s not worth the trouble of picking the cheapest option. This is how your website and company will be represented to your potential customers. I truly believe an investment in great branding and digital presence in an investment in yourself and your business. I work with passionate business owners that believe their work deserves the best visual representation.

We Tell Your Business’ Story

As we’ve found out, every business has a story. Whether your idea originated out of your own difficulties, expertise or some other inspiration, there’s a reason why you’ve taken the harder (but much more rewarding) path of being your own boss. We want to hear it and reflect your mission, your target audience and your brand in your visual communications.

Our team includes Rob, the head copywriter, who does everything from transforming your notes to writing from scratch. We turn your information into easily consumable, beautiful copy to make sure your customers really understand what you do, why they should choose you and your professionalism.

Every element, every line of text is created with marketability in mind. What will be the easiest for someone just skimming a website to see? Does each element on a poster follow a consistent theme? What is the call to action/goal for each advertisement?


There isn’t any great way to communicate to you our passion, dedication and skill in what we do until you see for yourself. When you truly love what you do, you want to finish it quickly, you’re excited for the finished product and you want to see your clients do well. We’re excited to chat with you as well!