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We’re expanding fast and we’re excited to share!

New Office 

After a year in a small two person office, we’ve moved right next door to an office double the size! Our move has enabled us to have ample room for all three of our team members as well as a consultation area. And have you seen our interior design efforts? Some of our best friends have helped out and we’ve been getting lots of compliments! Stay tuned for a tour (or come visit us)!

New Website

We’re constantly learning and expanding our services and we want our online presence to reflect this. We’ve been working on this in the background for several months now and now we have an even more modern website that better reflects our best work. Featured is our portfolio pieces, which we hope speak for themselves.

New Talent

After interning with us for several months, Josie has truly grown and proved to become a valuable contributor to our team and has officially joined us after graduation. Her learning time with us was perfect for getting familiar with how we do things and becoming familiar with our high standards of design. Super excited to add a different set of creative eyes to our work!


Our range of services is always expanding to fit our clients’ needs. Here are some we’d like to feature.

  • Brand Story – Behind every great design is a great story. Building a long term business means your brand needs to be well defined, memorable and marketable. We deliver a solid foundation on which your business will grow – slogans, taglines and descriptions that define how you market.
  • Social Media Starter Kit – You realize the importance of social media, and you know how to use it. But you’re looking at other companies’ professional designs wondering how they built viral legitimacy. We do full package managements, but in case you just need some guidance, we help with that too. Our social media starter kit includes profile pictures, cover photos, various easy to edit post templates and various strategies to lead you in the right direction.
  • Packaging Sourcing – Manufacturing is expensive. Communication is tough, especially when changes are involved. We have built contacts overseas with trustworthy manufacturers of various product packagings – bottles, boxes, labels – anything you need, we can find it for you at affordable prices.