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How do logos work?

Logos are one our most popular projects with small businesses. It is the corner stone of a great business and we provide you all the resources you need to grow and build a brand! Most potential clients want to know initially how our logo process works and we think this collaborative process can usually result in something unique, strategic and inclusive of the entrepreneur’s contribution! We can give you your own unique logo design in minutes using our logo maker.

First and foremost, we offer clients a brand package as well as a process.

  1. We go into an in depth discusson about your business, find out who your target audience is and what you want to portray to your market. This is where you show us as many logos as you can that you like, tell us what colors you want and we will advise from a design standpoint. We do all kinds of logos — from startup to vintage, from simplistic to illustrative… no matter what, we want you to stand out and stay memorable.
  2. It’s time for research! We check out your competition and your industry throughly to make sure we make you stand out the best we can.
  3. After a day or two (yep, we’re super fast!), you’ll get to see the first 3 logo drafts. Then you let us know your thoughts! Do you like the image? Hate the font? Want to see different colors? Whatever it is, let us know and we will focus on one or several of the drafts going forward.
  4. Afterwards, we go through up to 3 rounds of revisions. We tweak, we edit as needed so your logo is exactly as you envisioned. Usually, this is enough to get on the same page!
  5. After we create that perfect brand, we’ll prepare your final logo files, a branding sheet and fonts. Usually this includes the icon on it’s own, a horizontal version, a vertical/square version, one-colored versions… whatever you think you need! This will come in a variety of file types. The branding sheet will have all the logo versions, color codes and fonts — everything you need to stay consistent in all your business materials!

Please get in touch if you have any questions!