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How is the Cost of a Website Calculated

When businesses ask us for quotes to build a website they are often not sure how the price is calculated. It may seem like an arbitrary number pulled out of thin air without looking at the works behind the numbers. At JYZ Design, we strongly consider the cost of designing a website through the time required by our team to offer the fairest prices for small and medium-sized businesses. There is quite a lot of work that goes into a website –  to make sure it functions to modern standards, that it looks professional and to ensure it brings an optimal return on investment for our clients. It is important to understand the most common factors you should take into account when deciding whether or not the price you’re being quoted by a website design company is reasonable. 

Number of Pages

Deciding the scope of a website design proposal begins with knowing your company’s mission, future vision, and customer needs. The number of pages to a website is generally reflective of the amount of business your company does or can conduct online or how much of your information can or should be relayed online. For example, a company that aspires to provide an array of products/services may prefer to have increased niche pages. Should the company’s mission revolve around diverse options, describing each specific service through multiple niche pages promotes goals surrounding the company’s function and markets. Should a company be focused on a main service, such as a restaurant, not as many niche pages will be needed like websites for car dealerships. Mission pages reference a company’s function, markets, advantages, goals and beliefs, including pages such as:

  • Niche products
  • Niche Services 
  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Investors
  • Programs
  • Packages

A larger, more service driven company might also opt for a more lengthy project portfolio or staff page. The visions of a company include its soft skills, where the company exhibits its values, support, achievements and staff. Website pages can be:

  • Contact Page
  • Staff List/Executive Team
  • Blogs 
  • Charitable Organizations Supported
  • Awards 
  • Partnerships
  • Promises
  • Rewards Club

Having the most beneficial website to customers requires thinking about needs that go above and beyond the homepage and the about page. Customers are both internal and external. Whether it be corporate companies, schools or local businesses, internal customers play an important part in the success of the company. Depending on how closely linked your company is to current news, it may be crucial to update customers on how the latest news events coordinate with your company. As such, the following pages highlighting specific customer needs are:

  • FAQ 
  • Testimonials/Reviews 
  • Latest News 
  • Contact Page   
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Careers Page/Benefits 
  • Terms and Conditions 
  • Events Page
  • Advertising Information 
  • Accommodations 

The more pages involved in a company’s website increases the diversity of the design layout, the dynamics of structuring SEO, and the work behind providing the best content.

CMS – Content Management System

Having your website easy to manage and update is essential. As the internet constantly evolves, so will your website. When you build your site, it is not a fixed cost, but includes having the flexibility to update it with every change or update your company requires. Investing early on in a productive website is a long-term benefit that saves time and money. WordPress is the best and most popular open-system CMS because it contains a high flexibility of functionalities while offering a full suite of plugins and themes that make design time efficient. As a website platform, WordPress has become so ubiquitous that in 2020 it is powering 35% of the websites on the internet. It takes up 60.4% of the market share for Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress is most effectively utilized with innovative creativity that allows small businesses to compete distinctively on the market. Marketing and design agencies embody the mission of creativity with tools such as these and ensure a low cost to high quality ratio when designing your website. 


Domain/web hosting allows websites and web pages to be posted on the internet. Hosting companies necessitate that your website domain is owned in order to host with them. Most standard websites function flawlessly with a typical domain provider like Godaddy. Starting from $9.99 a year and hosting from a company like Siteground, the cost of a website takes into account selecting, registering, and hosting your website’s domain.

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When designing a website, the common notion is that money can be saved while efficiency is not reduced through utilizing online domain providers. However, some web design companies will offer discounted shared hosting. When websites are designed by local marketing and design agencies, individual costs to maintain a website are included within the combined rate. Because of this, website design agencies are cheaper than a dedicated server. Website design agencies ensure your website’s web hosting plan generates consistent traffic, conversions and is reliable for the security of your domain. 

Design Intricacy 

A study on the effect of aesthetics on web credibility discovered that first impressions are 94% design-related. Design spurs a company’s credibility, relatability and memorability. When a website browser clicks a website and is pleased by the design, a strong bond of customer-company trust is created. Experiments show web user’s first impressions of credibility can be judged in as little as 3.42 seconds derived only from its aesthetic appeal. 

As the prevailing evidence shows clients and customers seek out your website for the content, it is how this content is displayed that makes it truly worthy of reading. Websites are successful because of their ability to intertwine data with colours and visuals. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. The intricacy of a company’s website design relates to outside factors that are internalized and is why website design agencies provide such high returns on a website’s investment. Website design specialists take into account how your specific target audience wants to view your website, retains information, and the layouts that appeal most to them. They are innovative when it comes to design and positive first impressions. 73% of companies invest in design to differentiate their brand from competition. With the increase of mobile usage, it is imperative to have an attractive website. 


Every website needs visuals to represent unique products and service offerings from their company. Consider the source of where your picture content will come from. Do you have high quality photos from past projects? Will you need custom photography? Will you need custom graphs or mockups to represent specific product features? Would your brand benefit from custom illustrations? Odds are, like most businesses, your designers will simply work with stock photos, which most companies will include as part of the website build. Original photos grab customer’s attention, build credibility and show the true power of your product or service. When you invest in the design of infographics and custom photography, customers invest back.  

Psychologist Jerome Bruner found that people remember 10% of things they hear, 20% of what they read, and close to 80% of things they see or do. Infographics and photos provide an immersive, alluring experience to your website. When you have your website designed by a marketing and design agency, you receive an artistically driven team that knows where and how to include comprehensive, beautiful imagery, eliminating the financial stress of reaching out to freelance photographers with a narrow vision for your website.  

Written Content 

The cost of a website includes its marketing component. When building a website, you are also tasked with digital and content marketing that includes taking into account:

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Readability
  • Consistency 
  • Brand Building 
  • Information Structure

Websites are the foundation of showing potential clients who you are, what your mission is and the products you offer. Additionally, it is proving to customers why they should stay loyal and continue to grow with you as a company. When done right, the written content of your website promotes your brand as a thought leader, inquires calls to action, and micro-targets demographics. 

Great written website content elevates the design, information and pictures on each of your website’s pages. Written content is relevant, showing industry experience to dynamically promote information that customers are searching for. According to McKinsey & Company, the three C’s of customer satisfaction are consistency, consistency, and consistency. Aligning your brand’s message and target throughout all of your written content is challenging, yet done right shows that you care about your customer’s journey. 

Oftentimes, business owners are specialized in their sector, yet they do not know how to navigate the complicated workings of written content. When we build a website, we want our efforts to be worthwhile. For people new to marketing it can be a headache. Time is as valuable as money, and when taking into account the research written content requires, the ease and guaranteed quality of marketing agencies are worth the price of a website. Outsourcing your website to an agency ensures that the love for your business is shown in the style of your website, maintaining consistency and scaling your efforts. 

Search Engine Optimization 

The purpose of a website is to drive traffic growth by targeting demographics and increasing customer relations. This cannot be achieved without incorporating Search Engine Optimization into your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the number of leads to your website through its visibility on the search engine. You can check it out from this article.

SEO includes inserting long-tail and short-tail keywords into your website’s written content. Used in moderation, Google picks up on these keywords to boost your website’s ranking and allows your site to pop up when customers input these keywords into the search engine. 

With its recent algorithm updates, Google allows only the most quality websites to be visible. SEO requires a balance of understanding how to incorporate keywords and a high caliber of images amongst other components within your website. When done correctly, SEO boosts your website’s ranking and location targets communities with high potential client conversion. Resulting in a high source of leads and increased user engagement, SEO adds to your brand’s reputation as a thought leader. 

SEO is an excellent source of cost management to think about for your website to enhance your ROI. Search Engine Optimization thrives through:

  • Improved page loading speed
  • High quality content
  • Optimized images
  • Blogs
  • Outbound links
  • Infographics/Graphs
  • Readability
  • Keywords
  • Click Worthy Titles
  • Diversifying Content
  • Short and Long Posts


E-commerce has become a lifeline of retail and will continue to become more popular as the years progress. Absolutenet shows that Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer. Globally, online sales account for 16.4% of retail purchases. Should your company wish to sell its products online, this is another cost to take into account when creating a website. Additionally, the risks of error must be remembered when a website is launched and your e-commerce platform is expected to perform and fill orders to a high degree of excellence. Including e-commerce within your website involves challenges and risks, but the rewards are endless when businesses provide the option to locate their product quicker, enable deals, stay open 24/7 and create targeted communication. Including e-commerce in your website allows brands to be the central voice of their sales, thus the leads to their website are more crucial than ever. 

JYZ Design offers e-commerce websites, as our extensive experience greatly contributes to effective e-commerce design and implementation. 


Website functionality is the foundation of how well your website will work for customers on the web. On top of creative design, websites need responsive design. Your company’s website should be able to be opened, accessed and optimized from whichever mobile device customers browse upon. Responsive design ensures that the layout of your website is formatted in such a way that it navigates customers to points of purchase through many different avenues. 

Reviewing the Cost of a Website 

To summarize, building a website will always be an investment. It is how you choose to go about creating your company’s website that determines whether this will be an investment of your time and money or a return on your investment. Aspiring to build a cost-efficient, quality website that delivers on written and visual content is a comprehensive task. JYZ Design delivers the consistency that customers look for in the modern age by offering a small team of professionals at a lower cost than a single full-time employee. Writing for your customer, our team provides support and a wide range of services to ensure your website is keeping up with the times. Visit our website calculator to view prices, request a quote, or book a free consultation to start creating your website.