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How professional creative makes digital marketing WORK

Why great design makes a difference

Today, consumers are constantly confronted with an overload of information. Great creative design is how forward thinking businesses are standing out among the rest. How your social media presence or website should be engaging and up to date in order to be effective in reaching your target clientele. As marketers, we are constantly trying to find favor in the eyes of consumers. Creativity is one of the most important tools for success of a business in this ever growing digital world.

By focusing on visual engagement from the start, design focused companies are able to attract more customers with eye catching content earlier in the marketing process and today, this is happening more and more on social media. In particular using Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

Are you marketing or are you connecting?

Creating designs that we relate and connect with is essential in marketing because we are fundamentally emotional beings. Much of purchasing decision is driven by our emotional connection created by a specific idea or experience created through effective branding.

Research suggests that brands that engage consumers emotionally can command prices as much as 20% to 200% higher than competitors and sell in far higher volumes, click to visit this site and find out more. This can mean creating posts that are one or a few of the following: informative, inspirational, controversial, motivational, instructional, aesthetically pleasing, an update, personal, etc. Some recent trends including “clickbait” headlines on images or titles on articles and videos – an example being “top 10” or “everything that’s wrong with…”, etc.

We look at companies such as Supreme and Bape who can charge up to 120 dollars for a simple tee-shirt. These brands have created a level of emotional value that is connected to them through their marketing tactics. They zero in and focus on their target demographic by attempting to reach those most influential in that group based on age, interests and income levels. This has also caused the surge of influencer marketing, meaning low cost high volume connections with accounts with less than 100k followers. Instagram has allowed many brands to surge based on brand building alone, especially those centered around aesthetics. Successful brands have been forced to become content producing machines and the recommendation has grown to post more often than once a day. To maintain consistency of messaging however, quality of the content cannot falter. Make sure you check this link right here now to generate leads and attract customers for growth.

“People forget what you said, people forget what you did, but people never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

How do you use design to connect through marketing?

The online world is a vast space of stylish digital ad campaigns, illustrated emails, clever logos and amazing visuals. As such, the imagery itself is crucial to a successful digital marketing campaign. According to Brain Rules, only 10% of information that is heard can be recalled after three days have passed. But when a picture is added to that information, 65% is recalled. Being memorable is key to building a brand.

Gorgeous design alone won’t revolutionize your marketing if it isn’t targeted to the correct demographic. Researching your target demographic and distinguishing exactly what types of messaging will resonate with them makes all the difference in connecting and maximizing  opportunities.

Creating brand recognition through design

The main goal of branding is to elevate your company against competitors in the minds of your potential customers. Keeping your product or service at the front of their minds when thinking about your specific product or industry means the long hard battle of building brand awareness. By viewing just the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging, color or pattern, potential customers should start to recognize a specific company’s branding. Large brands succeed long term by building certain associations through brand building marketing efforts.

Direct ROI from strategic design

Catching the attention of a potential customer in a professional straight forward way can offer immense ROI. What does your potential customer sincerely care about? A discount amount? A free shipping offer? A new product offering? Immediate ROI focused marketing offers this messaging up to the customer determined to be most concerned with this particular offering. Digital marketing can also utilize tracking codes and show ads to those determined to be in-market consumers, or remarketing to consumers already having shown interest through their navigation history.

Two car advertisements below are good examples of how a hard sell can be portrayed differently. The left one comes off as a pushy, low budget, 1970’s car lot feel while the right offers a level of trust with a modern look.

This is all accomplished through meticulous attention to design alone, it becomes the difference a potential customer’s confidence in your company before even picking up the phone or walking in a showroom. Designing your ad in a straightforward yet punchy way while catering to your target demographic is a great way to get more clicks and converts directly to ROI.