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Interning for JYZ Design Has Given Me a Head-Start on my Dreams


Interning for JYZ Design Has Given Me a Head-Start on my Dreams


Written By: Aressana Challand

It is not often that someone fifteen years of age is given the opportunity to intern for a company as successful and talented as JYZ Design. As said by Mahatma Gandhi, “the future depends on what you do today.” Eleven months ago, my brother offered me the position of Vice President of Finance for his Junior Achievement company, Claritea. Through this role I met one of my mentors, the president of JYZ Design, Judy Yu. For a long time, I have always been told that if anything, hard work will get you to where you wish to be. I quickly became passionate about business; how to run one, each department and most importantly, found that business incorporated something I loved most, and that is writing. As I strived to make the most out of Claritea and reach company goals, March was nearing, and with that, the end of Junior Achievement. I’ve always envisioned myself working downtown in the near future. Hard work, Junior Achievement, and an eagerness to learn had my future turn into this summer, when Judy offered me a copywriting and marketing internship this summer for her own business, JYZ Design.

JYZ Design is a full-service design and marketing department, started by Judy Yu with her own commitment to excellence and visions to add a new type of creative to Calgary’s entrepreneurs. A team of designers, marketers, developers and copywriters, JYZ Design commits to having dreams that are thought of by local businesses become a reality. Through targeting specialized audiences, constructing quality brands and modern websites, this agency gives businesses an edge with their unique visual design and marketing strategies. Having worked and learned alongside this team for a few months now, it is true to say that JYZ Design is a brilliant team comprised of individuals that thrive in their own area. Together, JYZ Design’s skillset and diligence can put any company on top.

As my first work experience I was new to every aspect of the software used by JYZ Design, to operating in a work environment and even with how to get through the front door. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However, Judy always made it clear that age would never be a hindrance to one’s abilities at JYZ Design because talent, passion and a drive outshines that. Although I will only be going into grade eleven, I was never treated as such, and through my internship every single member of JYZ Design has been open, kind and knowledgeable in helping me advance in marketing and copywriting.

Once I began to absorb new knowledge, there became tasks following it to reinstate my understanding. I was introduced to soft-wares like Slack, Toggl and Asana, all teaching me how to efficiently time manage, organize my work and record what I had completed. A few of the services that JYZ Design offers ranges from digital marketing and social media management to copywriting. To understand JYZ Design’s approach, I delved into writing styles, tones, and the intent to write. Marketing can be expensive, and a cheap, easy-to-reach option is email marketing. Email marketing is an art, with deciding between soft and hard sells, I was given assignments of analyzing target audiences. If email marketing is an art, then search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO blogging is a grand masterpiece. Before interning, I was oblivious to how Google scanned websites and blogs, how keywords words throughout content mattered, and how quality page links lead to better credibility. If there can be one thing I teach you about SEO blogging after my extensive reading, no matter the ins and outs of how to get to the top of Google’s first page, write for the people! Aside from the technical aspect, the professionalism exhibited by JYZ Design in itself has instilled how to properly have business etiquette. For example, email etiquette has continually become downsized, yet when employees send emails in the name of a business, it is crucial they are polite and don’t put more than one exclamation point in the email. There all comes a time when a client or customer sends a personally disparaging email, but it is not your job to defend yourself, instead ensuring that the end result is a happy one.

The future is now, and no other person embodies that more than Judy. She started JYZ Design not happy with working a regular job and dreamed of working in a place where there was no stopper on creativity. I still don’t yet know my plans after high school and university, but she has shown me that you can dream of something, take the risk to do it and make it happen. Some may spend years saving the money to start what they aspire towards, but sometimes there is momentum in not quite knowing what happens next. I believe that this is where greatness is made.

To be in this environment has enriched me with the knowledge, skills and work experience that is only just the foundation to the things I wish to achieve later on; whether that be having my own business or attaining a position I’ve always sought after. To those of you reading this, whether you’re graduating high school or university, advancing into another grade, beginning a new job or wondering if you should start that business you’ve always wanted, find whatever your passionate about and make something out of it. Internships, like mine, can be a gateway to discover what it is that you love, because no one should be discontent with their job. Hard work will have your future at the doorstep and it is this that will set you apart from the rest. Therefore, as you set goals, give your 110%, and you will never be disappointed of the outcomes.

It is difficult to say goodbye to JYZ Design, but it has been a pleasure to intern for a company so thoughtful and affable. These few months have prepared me for things that I don’t even know about yet. A thank you is not enough for Judy and those at JYZ Design to convey my gratitude; I wish them all the best as they grow and develop.

Thank you, JYZ Design.