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JYZ Design Named Amongst the Best Calgary Advertising Agencies

We are excited to announce that we have been featured in the Best Startup Canada Magazine as one of Calgary’s top advertising companies! The online marketing industry scaled dramatically this year and we utilized this growth trend to study user engagement and enhance the ways our clients connect with their audiences. 

Best Calgary Advertising Agencies

JYZ Design was selected for exceptional performance in innovation. Innovation propels our team as our chosen medium to personalize websites and marketing campaigns for clients. It reminds us daily to look at current trends and ask ourselves how we can do better, creating a consistent, high quality of work. We have focused on innovation by: 

Defining a New Generation of Custom Websites

Websites are one of the most important assets a company has to run online advertising campaigns. Our team of Calgary web designers has focused on optimizing the content of websites to fit the user experience. We apply detailed research to the copy of each website, embedding the emotions, brand image, and experiences users seek when scrolling. 

Website content should not be generic but should anticipate the dreams and desires users have when visiting the site. Our websites are highly optimized for a friendly mobile experience and implement the new advantages chat boxes, geolocation, contact forms and calculators create for conversions. 

Best Calgary Advertising Agencies

Combining the Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing and Design Agency 

The increased proliferation of online usage has created full-circle advertising opportunities. Our Calgary digital marketing agency recreates brand images from the ground up. From logo and branding and website design and development, to social media management and digital marketing. The investments you make are utilized strategically across platforms for total brand authenticity. 

Customers expect to browse your website, assume you have social media and expect consistency on all platforms. The digital world moves fast and there are no better experts on the most recent trends than an agency absorbed in its channels daily. 

Best Calgary Advertising Agencies

Utilizing the Rise of Social Media PR, Influencer Campaigns and Video Formats 

People spend an average of 2 hours and 32 minutes on social media a day. Our social media managers have a keen understanding of local media accounts that promote businesses. These PR accounts can range from news media, micro-influencers, foodie accounts to travel accounts. We leverage the social sharing of these platforms and their strong user relationships when planning advertising campaigns. 

The popularity of TikTok and Youtube as video-sharing platforms has motivated Instagram to modify its algorithms to focus on forms of video content. With the demand for video increasing, our video marketing team has focused on diversifying content. We use short videos that capture attention, encouraging users to share and befriend new algorithms. 

Best Calgary Advertising Agencies

About the Best Startup Canada Award

Annually, Best Startup Canada awards the most successful startups in Canada. Its lists feature companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. Best Startup Canada is an online publication that helps promote Canadian businesses and puts them on the international stage. They primarily focus on businesses that show positive signs of growth, innovation, management and excel in areas that have a beneficial impact on society. 

This year, JYZ Design makes this list for our exploits in the digital advertising industry. 

We strongly believe in the power a team of creatives can bring to businesses’ long-term growth. Online engagement remains a persistent driving force in the success of any brand. As we’ve grown, so have the digital opportunities to advertise, reach larger audiences and support businesses. JYZ Design is humbled by this latest recognition and all the more eager to continue impacting a Canadian market and global customer base. 

If you’d like to hear more about how we can apply our innovative marketing strategy to your brand, contact us!