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Travel Agency for Cheap Flights & Vacation Packs

Airline Ticket Centre is an established travel agency located here in Calgary. As a proud Canadian company with over 25 years’ experience, their focus is to deliver the best flight deals to clients at unbeatable prices. We have successfully managed their online content and marketing for several years now.

We consistently produce niche, targeted ads aimed at specific demographics, with specific interests. Using Facebook data and Google search data, we find people in the market for travel.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns means blasting your messaging across all possible media your potential customers may be. Attention is a valuable commodity today and we capture it with gorgeous videos, relatable copywriting and smart micro-targeting.

We post daily flight or vacation deals targeted to large Canadian cities, with enticing, beautiful pictures which create and urgency with the consumer. Getting a potential traveler to see your ad/post and click within them a desire to visit that area is a competitive business, but with proper targeting and an understanding of seasonal travel habits, we have created an efficient funnel to their website.