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Alyeska Resort



Website Design, Branding Revamp, Print Materials, Digital Ads, Video Editing
website design

Wild Alaskan Basecamp Getaway Experience

Alyeska Resort came to our agency with a large scope undertaking required. Being a basecamp for adventure, the sitemap required several booking engines, lots of external integrations as well as a custom itinerary builder software aimed at building engagement among potential visitors. In addition, having a large dynamic team, elements needed to be easy to update, meaning our team helped transition the migration through video tutorials, meetings and demos at various stages of the build.

Dynamic, Trendy, Welcoming Brand

One of our goals was to combat the chilly Alaskan preconceived notions by adding warm colors and imagery. Though we want to advocate the uniqueness of the location being the Northern Frontier, presenting the destination as a comprehensive experience, with countless activities beyond just the ski resort was important. Our design choices and innovative development choices like the scroll effects reflected the world renowned status of Alyeska.

Website design

Travel software customization

As an interactive element to increase engagement as well as itinerary conversions, we customized a WordPress plugin so users could build their own schedules by adding, then drag and dropping experiences in order and finally being able to send it off to the hotel concierge to prepare for them on arrival. We prepared the plugin to be super easy for the team to continuously update and provided tutorials on how to do so.  

Sales Kit: Print Graphic Design

We did this redesign for Alyeska Resort’s Sales Kit and Wedding Sales Kit, that would highlight the many attractions of the scenic Alaska in order to best showcase their splendid features. It includes interactive elements on the PDF that allow for easy navigation, at the same time making it look very professional. Having high quality graphics in hospitality is crucial when selling huge conferences, events and weddings.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Strategically targeted to audiences dependent on geolocation as well as interest set, we create quarterly campaigns to reflect seasonality. We edited campaign videos for different ad formats such as for Youtube and TV.