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Apex Scoring System



Web development, Video Editing and LinkedIn marketing
Apex Website Design & Social Media, calgary web design

Audience Relationship Tracking Software

Our Calgary web design agency rebranded Apex Scoring System’s marketing software to exude a technologically friendly personality. We integrated a clean, pastel colour palette to Apex Scoring System’s website with custom graphic design and infographics that concisely showed individuals, agencies and companies what the software is, the benefits and why users should download it. Our website design  divided their three core target audiences into different pages to showcase the advantages and actionable results clients could achieve to improve their brand’s audience engagement.

Apex Website Design


Custom Video & Infographics

We primarily utilized custom infographics to fill website space with statistics and evidence to power conversions. Users want to see how software works before making purchasing decisions. Our designers intricately coordinated evidence, software know-how, copywriting and navigation to create a strong, straightforward and leading platform. We also created a custom video to describe the Apex Scoring System in less than 90 seconds.

Social Media Advertisement

Digital marketing to B2B customers was important to spread awareness, where we strategically created and managed LinkedIn ads, targeting business owners, managers and agencies. With expert copywriting, we wrote powerful one-sentence slogans that portrayed the results of Apex Scoring System. Our copywriters focused on crafting ad copy that connected with the struggles of brands to drive curiosity towards Apex’s innovative approach to metrics, enticing businesses to visit their website and learn more.

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