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CarePair App Social Media



Brand Development, Social Media Marketing

Canada’s Babysitting Solution Tech Startup

CarePair is an app available on iOS that connects parents to babysitters and is Canada’s Babysitting Solution. Starting from the top, we first assisted CarePair with establishing new branding in order to prepare it for launch in the local market and beyond! Our Calgary web design team created a dynamic website with modern refinement that made it easy for parents and babysitters to navigate and learn more about the app. Our digital marketing team communicated the benefits of the CarePair experience into social posts, digital ads and monthly newsletters for both sitters and parents.

Monthly Newsletters

Every month we planned, created assets, and put together two newsletters to be sent out to parents and babysitters respectively. Our copywriters ensured the content was always informative and relevant to each group.

Social Media Marketing

We research, planned, sourced and generated photos, captions and scheduled social media posts for the CarePair Instagram and Facebook pages. We used Instagram and Facebook’s best practices to grow a strong following. We had local influencers such as mommy bloggers try out the app, and if they enjoyed it, endorse the app on their socials and were able to repost it to CarePairs as well.