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Cerilon Website



Website Design & Development
Cerilon Website Portfolio Graphic

Website Design

Our Calgary web design company had the privilege of designing a modern and functional new website for Cerilon, a leading energy transition company based out of Calgary. Cerilon develops and operates facilities aimed at facilitating the green energy transition, provides project management services and applies digital operations technologies. As a business with B2B marketing needs, complicated, industry-specific information needed to be clear and concise. Therefore, they needed a website that could effectively communicate these multifaceted roles to their stakeholders and communities.

We worked off of their existing branding and logo to create a web platform that is both on-brand and reflective of their initiatives. Next, we designed a wireframe that portrayed and organized relevant info in an easy-to-scroll, streamlined website layout. Furthermore, we leveraged user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) techniques to facilitate seamless navigation, ensuring that website visitors can effortlessly locate the information they seek.

Cerilon Website Portfolio Graphic

Internal Communication Materials

We also helped them coordinate some internal communication materials – creating branded, internal PDFs and business cards. Using our eye for detail, we ensured that these materials remained consistent with their already established brand identity.  While making these materials, we used the same marketing methods we did on their website to ensure the utmost clarity and consistency – utilizing purposeful copywriting and effective layouts.