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Kananaskis Nordic Spa Website



Website Design & Development
Kananaskis Nordic Spa Website Design, app interface, interactive widgets, interactive design

Nordic Spa Website

Designed entirely with the customer experience in mind, the new website has an app-like feel with intuitive features, mobile native scrolling and easy-to-navigate calls-to-action. With the aim being to showcase its noteworthy facilities, the site speaks to the spa’s rejuvenating amenities, inclusive ideology, and alpine aesthetic by utilizing contemporary and effective design elements.

Mobile First Web Design

Located in the heart of Kananaskis Country, Alberta’s only Nordic spa is found adjacent to the elegant Pomeroy Kananaskis Lodge in Kananaskis Village. The spa offers an array of distinctive facilities including a hydrotherapy circuit that utilizes the mantra of ‘hot, cold, rest, repeat’ borne of ancient Nordic wisdom found to promote invigorating wellness. 

JYZ Design took customer feedback gathered directly through social media, chatbots and other customer communications. We utilized features that would effectively communicate the logistics and brand of this alpine sanctuary through mobile-first design and effective graphic design components. We simplified, streamlined and decluttered the user experience (UX). Users will be able to quickly see what their entry includes, where and how to book. Using real data from customers, the aim of the meticulously redesigned UX is to resolve previous search difficulties, adding functions like a search bar and chatbot to answer questions. JYZ Design utilized features that would give users an app-like experience – including a bottom menu bar, interactive map, live social board, chatbot, and more. 

We further exemplified the exclusivity, diversity and welcoming nature of the brand through our imagery selection and copy – everyone is welcome in the community of wellness promoted by KNS. The redesign took the existing brand and elevated it to fit current trends while staying true to the signature tartan elements found throughout the spa that guests have come to know and love. 

With a piece of ancient Nordic wisdom finding a home in the stunning setting of Kananaskis, visitors will understand what to expect, get their questions answered and easily find where to book, leading to an even more comprehensively enjoyable experience.