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Kananaskis Nordic Spa Website



Website Design, Software Integration
calgary web design

Alpine Sanctuary Experience

The success of KNS has made it crucial to present information clients were looking for easily, as well as integrate operations technologies to streamline the customer experience. We made information really easy to find, streamlined the booking system and represented the brand with a more warm and welcoming design.

Presenting Brand Look and Feel

The nordic spa’s core values include being inclusive, welcoming and social. Our design choices of imagery and color present this feeling, while balancing traditionally nordic elements with modern web trends. The subtle image movements, hover effects and load animations come together to make the website unique and innovative.

Content Organization

A challenge that we had was dealing with the high demand of customers and finding strategic ways to help avoid future long wait times that often left angry messages or bad reviews. The new consumer facing digital presence has drastically changed the staff experience of answering repeat questions, time consuming booking methods like phone or email and created a new brand more representative of the company culture. The new access section we created addressed many common issues. It gave customers the answers to the questions they had, addressed ways to avoid crowds and made pricing simple.