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Long Wing Capital Advisors Branding



Longwing Capital Advisors Log and Branding

Based out of Calgary, Longwing Capital Advisors bring 25 years of financial experience. As an established business leader, advisor, and investor, we knew Longwing’s branding package needed to be fitting of the financial sector while embodying the values and experience that set them apart.

Our Calgary web designers gained a deeper understanding of Longwing’s mission and values, allowing a methodical logo design and branding process. 


As long-term locals themselves, Longwing Capital Advisors use their familiarity with local industries to specialize in complex strategic transactions within the energy industry, both domestic and cross-border.

While choosing design aspects including a font guide and brand colours, we considered how we would best portray the company’s air of sophistication. We decided to centre the brand’s colours around an inherently auspicious colour: gold. Other central brand colours included every-trendy turquoise and an autumnal yellow. 

San-serif fonts were chosen to keep in the theme of modern, sleek imagery while ensuring any copy is easy to read. 


We considered local visual identifiers that could communicate certain brand characteristics and resonate with their target audience. Ultimately, we used a combination of two design factors to create a chic, concise and credible logo. To tie in with the company’s name, we centred its logo around a minimalistic graphic of a falcon – a symbol of freedom and intuition known for its speed and precision. 

As an ode to locals and local geographic features, we designed the falcon in the shape of Alberta’s treasured Rocky Mountains. These design choices communicate Longwing’s locality and establish a baseline level of trustworthiness based on a shared community alone.