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Master Chocolat Social Media



Media production, Social Media Content

Award Winning Master Chocolatier 

For the Master Chocolat team, we developed a social media strategy that embraced the brands focus on balancing taste and style. For their social media we produced and shot content that showcased their delicious and visually astounding chocolates and products, we helped organize and direct a photoshoot of their products and chocolates. For each of their specialty chocolates, we carefully planned how we wanted them to appear in the shot and handpicked decorative elements to pair alongside them.

Social Media Marketing

We research, planned, sourced and generated photos, captions and scheduled social media posts for their Instagram. Our photography focused on making the chocolates appear as appetizing as possible. As Master Chocolat has an online store, we wanted the images to be as appealing as possible in order to encourage their clients to order online. Our captions focused on seasonal specialties, current promotions, local events and markets Master Chocolat would be in attendance of, and fun facts about the company and the hands-on chocolate making course they offer.