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Pomeroy Inn & Suites



Website Design & Development

Pomeroy Inn and Suites have properties across Alberta and British Columbia, operating in rural areas with Western Canadian hospitality. Their family-oriented hotel brand spans generations, with their first hotel opening in Fort St. John in 1941. Since 2010, Pomeroy Lodging has also operated its proprietary brand: Pomeroy Inn & Suites. 

With a strong family legacy and deep community roots, the Pomeroy Inn & Suites website needed to be reflective of these qualities while offering optimal functionality for real people: families, rural travellers, long-haul workers and more. The entire website design was created for optional UX functionality – with choices including a floating menu bar, location-specific buttons and an interactive map listing each location.

Pomeroy Inn & Suites mobile first web design process

Branded Visuals

We embodied their slogan of “Building Communities With the Western Spirit” with visuals that portray a community-first approach. We used photos of families, memorable seasonal experiences and– of course– dogs, to illustrate that they’re enthusiastically welcome. We chose to highlight the legacy and history of the Pomeroy brand through a timeline reminiscent of a family tree that allows visitors to visualize the company’s history. 

All of these design choices work together to create a cohesive web experience that leaves visitors feeling welcome and like the Pomeroy brand understands their needs as a traveller.

Pomeroy Inn & Suites Booking Widget

Booking Widget

At its core, the main functionality of a hotel’s website is the customer’s ability to book a room. We created a custom HTML/ CSS for their existing booking widget designed to offer both customers and Pomeroy Lodging a seamless experience – with clear calls-to-action and well-thought-out typography on a floating menu. 

The brand is known for its extended stay room, tailored to workers in the rural regions in which they operate. They market these stays as offering all of the comforts of home, allowing the working or long-term traveller to settle in for the long haul. We gave extended stays its own button at the top of the page and utilized bold typography and language choices to effectively communicate included amenities.

Booking options are stacked to give a streamlined list of available rooms. Design choices within the booking widget included bold, bright colours to make certain add-ons and additions stand out – like adding a pet fee to a booking, noting an early arrival, or booking multiple rooms at a time.