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Schott’s Lake Branding, Web Design, Marketing



Branding Development, Website Design, Photoshoot Production, Social Media, Digital Marketing

Rustic Canadiana Accommodations & Local Restaurant

Complete with a photoshoot and new branding, we helped relaunch all of this property’s digital assets into the local market and beyond! Our Calgary web design team created a dynamic website with modern refinement that transported visitors to the Canadian Rockies. The content, layout of the pages and SEO optimized headers exhibit the best of what this rural, natural paradise resort has to offer.  From campsites to weddings, meetings, conferences and their rustic Canadiana restaurant, we consistently founded our marketing strategy on a destination experience. Our digital marketing team communicated the entirety of the Schott’s Lake experience into social posts, digital ads and a brand new website.

Revamped Rebranding – Modern but Authentic

Staying true to the roots of Schott’s Lake’s local scene and vibrant western culture was essential to revamp their branding with the small town charm locals had become accustomed to, alongside the modernity international tourists crave. When rebranding, we wanted the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies to shine in their visuals, bringing natural images, earthy tones and a simplistic colour palette to the forefront. These modern elements contributed to a first-class look and feel to the brand, without compromising the resort, restaurant and service’s rustic personality. Modelling a family experience offers the resort room to grow as a whole while enabling different experiences to be had.

Media production

Our Calgary digital marketing team embraced the four season ambiance of Schott’s Lake to create unique and engaging social media campaigns that catered to the seasonal desires of tourists. Our daily social media posts paid homage to the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of spring, summer, winter and fall in the Canadian Rockies, while embedding promotions and educational posts about the area. We collaborated with our media production partner, where our project manager organized photoshoots to create shot lists, model sourcing and schedules. Capturing the essence of an experience with a beautiful lens is key to customers imagining themselves in the photos of websites and social media. We aimed to inspired locals, families, tourists, couples and travellers with the idea of pristine nature and secluded bonding. We also helped produce and edit restaurant focused videos to present the staycation experience in different mediums.

Social Media Marketing

We research, planned, sourced and generated photos, captions and scheduled daily social media posts for Schott’s Lake on Instagram and Facebook. Our copywriters subconsciously embedded the experience of camping, dining and staying in the Rocky Mountains with relatable captions, fun facts and engaging questions. We used Instagram and Facebook’s best practices to grow a strong following. We posted regular customized stories for followers to vote, ask questions, answer polls and interact, leveraging an online network to enhance the resort’s experience. Organic content was supplemented by digital ads that support specific sales efforts seasonally.

Destination Tourism Calgary Web Design

Our new website design transformed Schott’s Lake from a local destination to an international hotspot, able to compete with industry leading resorts on a global stage to attract tourists internationally, and allow for long term growth. We added technological functionalities that all audiences would appreciate – even if small town clientele had not experienced them before. These dynamic features included,  event calendars, a QR menu browser and ordering forms. Our goal was to make this website as easy as possible for visitors to learn the full scope of the resort’s offerings and take action immediately by scheduling bookings to lock-in forms of revenue. We divided the website into the main features visitors would look for: stay, plan and eat. Users have pages dedicated to an easy viewing and organizational experience for all the services they need, including FAQ’s to drive bookings. Throughout the website’s pages, we made sure to include descriptions of local seasons, ingredients, wildlife and nature to authenticate a true Rocky mountain experience.

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