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Soul Bowl Packaging Design



Logo & Packaging Design
Soul Bowl Packaging design - Calgary branding

Logo Design & Branding

When Soul Bowl came to us they were looking for a new logo and packaging design that better reflected the ethos of the company, which was the holistic power of food. Soul Bowl was a small, local company that was founded on the belief that holistic, healthy ingredients nourish bodies and nurture the soul. The colours of the logo are earthy and vibrant, echoing the flavours found in each jar. The logomark represents a bowl and a rising sun which have been combined into one circular image, representing the connection between healthy food and a happy lifestyle. The cursive font is friendly and carefree reflecting the attitude of the overall brand.

Soulful Packaging

The sauce product category is a crowded space when you go to any grocery store, so it was important that Soul Bowl stood out against the competition and conveyed the beliefs of the brand visually.  An earthy, muted colour palette was used, reflecting the plant-based and natural ingredients used to make the product. Important dietary information was also moved to the front of the packaging rather than the back, ensuring this would be one of the first things customers would see. And finally, hand-drawn images of ingredients were displayed on the packages further emphasizing the plant-based ingredients.

Soul Bowl Packaging