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Top of the World Ranch Website



Website Development
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Holistic addiction treatment centre in the Rocky Mountains

We rebuilt Top of the World Ranch’s entire website to showcase the natural landscape and the holistic services their Canadian treatment centre offers. We wanted the website to maintain a simple, clean look, with a neutral design interspersed with high quality photos. Our objective was to retain a welcome and inclusive image. The copy evoked the feeling of a dedicated and high quality treatment centre focused on healing addiction. It was important to show everything the centre had to offer, from treatments to accommodations, so that clients would know that their needs would be met. The layout of the website was organized into distinct pages for each service, the team, and the features of the property. Our web design services in Calgary developed an easy viewing experience to guide users to see the unique value of eco-therapy through image and content. We also optimized the website for SEO within copy and headlines. As well, we created monthly blog content. With each blog, we completed a PR distribution campaign, enhancing link building, domain referral and keyword enhancement objectives.

With 600 acres of ranch property, we included an interactive property map in Top of the World’s website. Guests visiting the website have a birds’ eye view to the layout of the property. With a hover of their mouse, they can view each building and click to learn more. Our Calgary web design team created this interactive property map to portray the vast, open expanse of property visitors have to enjoy and heal in nature. Browsing the online map gives users a feel of familiarity as they discover where and how far facilities are located, what they look like and browse descriptions. We wanted this page to represent the journey clients take at Top of the World Ranch, initiating this journey with an interactive map.