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Calgary Web Design Agency Wins Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation Awards

Calgary Web Design Agency Wins Best UI design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation Awards

We are pleased to announce that our Calgary web design agency has been selected for CSS Design Awards Best UI design, Best UX Design, Best Innovation and Special Kudos awards! These awards represent our commitment to excellence and our constant pursuit to offer clients an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, knowledge and results in our Calgary web design. 

Our Commitment to Design and Innovation  

Over the years, JYZ Design has updated our website to portray the design and innovation standards of the ever-changing digital world. We follow the same values and logic that we give to our clients – websites need to be updated, and they need to be revolutionized far sooner than we ever anticipate in order to compete and show brands in the light they deserve. 

While we were building and updating new client websites, our Calgary web designers were avidly working on reconstructing our own. From the clean, white-spaced, blue-accents of our previous website, we updated our website’s design to reflect the emerging trends of the time: bold colours, geometric shapes, micro-animations, interactive content, and minimalism

Colours that were initially muted and toned-down are now coming back, along with the use of organic technologically-attuned effects on websites that provide meaningful connection for target audiences. With our new Calgary website, we wanted our potential clients to be enriched in a world of creative freedom, showing them the power of an innovative, fast and future-forward website.

Calgary Web Design Agency

Innovation and Design: You Cannot Have One Without the Other 

At the heart of our new Calgary web design is our leading team philosophy that design cannot thrive without innovation, and innovation cannot be articulated without design. 

As described by Bruce Nussbaum, “When people talk about innovation in this decade, they really mean design.” Hence, design is the visal enactment for the results of the process that translate a business’s goals, ideas, product and services into a unique prospect of value for its customers. 

When innovation and design meet at a crossroads, this is where the opportunity to create a highly creative and effective website develops. Because of this, we have always maintained the strength of a Calgary web design agency. Our designers and digital marketing specialists weave together the threads of innovation and design, forming websites that are the cornerstone of modern performance. 

Calgary Web Design Agency

Executing Design Innovation: The Design Thinking Strategy 

When our Calgary web design team begins our consultation process with clients, our websites are designed from an entirely blank canvas. This way, we are able to employ the design thinking strategy while brainstorming the newest website. 

Design Thinking was initially conceived by Tim Brown. When the digital age began, the focus on technology revolved around an analytical essence. As digital marketing grew in strategy, Tim Brown’s framework for Design Thinking became a way for businesses to insert creativity into their highly-wired corporate models. 

To compete and excel, businesses must have the ability to adapt as part of their strategy. They must be able to update their digital assets over time, rebrand their business and rethink products as societal values and customer needs change over time. 

The most successful businesses are the ones who innovate. At its very core, innovation is the ability to change one’s product or service to user needs. Innovation cannot achieve its goal, if it is not given the flexibility of creativity, and thus of design. 

Therefore, creativity is at the forefront of our design principles. The best of strategy and creativity are met with the Design Thinking framework – a solutions-based approach to brainstorming – that requires businesses to inquire about their end-goal through the external assessment of creativity. Design thinking is a questions-based approach that integrates the problem-solving process into brainstorming. 

The five phases of Design Thinking, following Hasso-Plattner’s five-phase model from the Institute of Design at Stanford includes:

  1. Empathize 
  2. Define 
  3. Ideate 
  4. Prototype 
  5. Test 

When our Calgary web designers plan a new website design, these five-phases of innovation are integrated within our process. Firstly, when we update or design a website, we focus on defining the target audience. 

Right away, we begin to innovate by combining each client’s business model with our mission: how do we design a modern website that solves the problems of the customer? To do this, we dive into the emotions, needs and desires of the target audience to define the website’s layout. 

By empathizing with the target audience, our Calgary web designers place ourselves in their shoes when creating a website. For our own website, we realized prospective clients wanted a website that spoke to the refreshed trends of the year, while showing them, with minimalistic graphics and animations, the power of a modern website. The core of the website is attributed to the problem-solving of innovation, where the design of a website sees the elite personalization we achieve because of our ability to define the user’s needs.

Just because a majority of websites follow the same format, it does not mean that this is right for clients. This is why we advocate for the personalized designs of website design agencies.

Our approach to design does not come from a cookie-cutter template, but an intricate process of looking at the gaps in design, functionality and the content of competitors to align more potently to the target audience. 

The last steps of the design thinking process involves creating and testing solutions. When creating our new website, and for all of our websites, our design process is an intricate test of options. We narrow down our design options to the best colour palettes that reflect the target audience, and use design to sharpen the broad contexts of innovation. 

When we think of innovation, we do not merely see it as an outcome that is achieved through the brands of our clients. We add it to our toolbox, alongside our creative minds, to elevate websites. The design thinking model is a framework we keep central to each website we create, enabling our Calgary website designers to produce uniquely powerful websites that leave a lasting impression. We wanted to show our clients the best, and we are happy to have earned a special kudos award for our website design. 

Calgary Web Design Agency

Top Calgary UI Design Agency 

User interface design refers to the graphical styling of a website that creates its aesthetic visual. There is a difference between good graphic designs and designs that make an impact. UI design needs to have sustenance in order to be effective – it cannot just be artistic skill in the digital space that makes the user interface look pretty. Our digital marketing team sets the standard for our UI in its ability to tell a story.

Storytelling is integral to connect with the emotional fibers that engage customer’s decision making capacity. When UI design tells a story, it ensures that the creation of a website maintains consistent branding. 

When it comes to the technological features of UI design, for instance, gamification and animations, it is imperative for us to embed these features so seamlessly, users do not realize their function is even there. Websites that boast technological modernity do not do so by having all the gadgets and animations attached to their site – they pick a few functions that propel the design of the site, and work in tandem with the content to create a natural flow to the website. 

Calgary Web Design Agency

Calgary UX Design Agency 

Where UI design refers to the surface of the painting, UX design refers to the pigments that make the paint serve its colourful purpose. Once the innovation styling of our web designers passes through the completion stage, the entire experience hinges on the ability of UX design to merge design features with their software counterparts. 

Proper UX Design is well thought out to measure how a computer’s functions can best aid the wishes of the humans surfing the website. This means that all of the buttons provide the right information, an intuitive search bar and the right kind of links at the right moment throughout the content. 

When creating a website, our innovation in design extends from the front-end of UI design to the back-end of UX design. The performance with our new website reaches 99% performance on GTmetrix. By engaging in website performance and monitoring, our Calgary web design team ensures a site functions at its best in UI and UX design. 

Calgary Web Design Agency

Our Calgary Web Design Agency 

JYZ Design is proud to serve the Calgary community and beyond as we continue to grow our creative minds through the innovative process of design thinking. We are appreciative of these awards, and happy to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence with ours as well as our client’s websites. 

Our goals for the future remain as they always have been, to continue elevating the websites and digital assets of brands with our passion for innovation, design and commitment to the future of the digital age. If you have an interest in designing a new website, book a free consultation with us.