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Do-It-Yourself Website Makers Just Don’t Cut It

Have you been blasted with one of those online website builder site ads? Squarespace, WIX, etc. They propose professional looking websites that anyone can create with no coding or design experience. This is great for small blogs, personal portfolios and a coming soon page. But for a reall small business that wants real customer traffic and room to grow? It just doesn’t cut it. If you’re expecting customers and clients to be willing to pay you for products and services, investing in a professional website means investing in yourself.

  1. You’ll be paying a forever monthly fee, which will end up being a lot more than a one time developement/design
  2. “Professional” looking design means clean, empty and void of customization
  3. Most of your customers will be able to tell that your website is not professional, which makes you lack credibility. And first impressions are everything.
  4. There is very limited functionality should you want to streamline your business with web apps
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO) is limtied to what the website builder provides by default, those created with Flash are not reccomended by Google
  6. You won’t really own your domain. The website builder will, which can cause problems with transferring in the future.
  7. The user experience (UX) design is limited to your personal skills rather a professional
  8. Without professionally customized graphics and copywriting, your website will LOOK like a template. Your BRAND will not be extended onto your digital presence, which makes your company forgettable.
  9. Analytics functionality is limited, whereas our websites enable a dynamic daily look at how your website traffic is doing
  10. Responsive issues — mobile traffic is just as important as desktop nowadays, so your website needs to be 100% as functional on as many devices as possible
  11. You will be supporting a corporation rather than a local small business or agency, who are really the ones who care. 24/7 support means you are just a blimp in a call center. Work with real designers, developers, writers and marketers.

Getting a real website brings your business to the next level, granting it a level of professionalism that your customers will be looking for when you Google you. We listen to your story and craft together completely custom graphics, writing and consultation for web apps to streamline how you make money.